Jon Hykawy, PhD  |  President and Director


Jon is a 14-year veteran of Bay Street, spending his time there exclusively on the sell side.  Originally, he trained as a physicist, and worked as a post-doc at the Chalk River Nucleat Laboratories of AECL and with the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory.  Jon completed his MBA at Queen's University with an emphasis in marketing.  He worked in the areas of critical materials with Byron Capital Markets in Toronto from 2009 to 2013, and has become a recognized expert in such areas as lithium, the rare earths, fluorspar and tin.  Jon has been an invited speaker internationally on all of these topics, and more.  His technical background includes work on rechargeable batteries, fuel cells and both wind and solar power .

Basically, Jon is a research scientist who enjoys grappling with and pulling maximum value out of imperfect information.  And if he can help it, this is the only time you will see him wearing a tie.

Tom Chudnovsky | Managing Partner

Tom is a seasoned capital markets professional with extensive experience in investment banking, institutional equity sales, institutional equity trading.  He is recognized for his ability to help clients visualize, construct, and execute strategies that resolve problems and increase shareholder value.  Due to his broad spectrum of experience within capital markets, as well as his extensive relationships with buy-side and issuer clients, Tom is able to provide timely advice that produces results.  

Tom's past capital markets experience:  
- VP, Investment Banking (Byron Capital Markets) 
- VP, Institutional Equity Sales (Byron Capital Markets)
- Institutional Equity Trader (Blackmont Capital) 
- Institutional Equity Trader (Clarus Securities Inc.)

"Stormcrow" ?


Flocks of birds (crows, ravens) often fly ahead of large storms, signaling the storm's approach.  Old folk lore took this a step further, and people once believed that large flocks of these birds were the harbingers of significant change - such as the impending death of a king.  

Our aim is to use our extensive expertise and experience to keep our readers and clients ahead of change, while helping them take full advantage of the volatility in the critical materials, and technology markets.

Stormcrow provides industry specific and company specific research, as well as consulting services to public and private companies.